How to set up monthly installments?

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How to set up monthly installments?

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 I run a  small car business and have different  customers that owe me money on account. The Customers pay in various installments, how would I set that up on Money Manager? Give me more details about  set up monthly  installments.My car showroom is near top essay writing service company. Thanks in advance.
Re: How to set up monthly installments?
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When we think of what we own, weather we are a company or an individual, we regard this as a system. MMEX helps us to control this system.

We receive money - Income
We spend money - Expenses

When we give money to a friend or client, we potentially still own that money although we don't actually have it.

As concept we create an account for the friend or client, and transfer funds to them. To separate the account types in MMEX we separate these account classifications as:

. Bank Accounts - Normal accounts we use daily
. Term Accounts or Loan Accounts(in v1.3.0) - used to separate funds

Now creating an account for our friend or client, we would transfer money to our friend or client representing a loan.
As for MMEX we still own the money but has been removed from our bank accounts and is now in our loan accounts.

When money is paid back to us, money is transferred back to our regular accounts. This way we can keep track of how much money is owed to us.

Note: Loan accounts work with respect to us, and not the client. This means that when we open the client file, the transactions are reversed.
This means that we see a deposit for money owing to us and Withdrawals when money is returned.
When we add extra charges we create a withdrawal transaction in their account. (More money is owed to us)
If we give them a discount, we would create a deposit in their account (less money owed to us)

If we want to set up regular instalments, we can use recurring transactions to set deposit, withdrawal or transfer transactions accordingly.
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Re: How to set up monthly installments?

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Portion advances are advances you get the opportunity to purchase something, for example,  assignment service an auto, bike, watercraft, and so forth. Portion advances utilize insurance as a type of securing the obligation, and are additionally called secured advances.
Re: How to set up monthly installments?

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Re: How to set up monthly installments?

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We will specify the means to take after the instructions here, when bringing your information from the accelerated. You can create another information index by browsing the file! New and hard to import the program again dissertation writers. Specifically, make sure you're sure you want to import the "new account" instead of the existing record.
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