Save Money Grocery Shopping - Tips

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Save Money Grocery Shopping - Tips

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    # Shop for produce at a local farm stand.
    # Never buy coffee, soda, or other drinks or snacks out.
    # Always grocery shop with a list.
    # Take advantage of sales on items that you would normally buy.
    # Only shop once a month.
    # Keep a price book and track prices by unit cost.
    # Stockpile staples when prices are low.
    # Buy generic items.
    # Plan meals according to what is on sale that week.
    # Take advantage of rainchecks if the store doesn’t have a sale item that you need.
    # Take advantage of rebates at Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid…but only if you’ll use the item and will follow through on the rebate.
    # Buy enough of a sale item to last 12 weeks. That’s about how long sales take to cycle.
    # Shop at discount marts: Grocery outlet, The Dollar Store, etc.
    # Bring your own bags to the grocery store. Many stores offer a small discount per bag.
    # Take advantage of stores that double coupons.
    # Watch out for deals on things that your friends need, and have them do the same for you.

Re: Save Money Grocery Shopping - Tips

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thanks for that.
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