Very limited Reports in Android Application

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Very limited Reports in Android Application

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The reports currently available in android app is limited compared to Windows version. Adding below additional reports in Android version will be more useful for the users.

- Budget Report
- Budget Performance

Re: Very limited Reports in Android Application
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Absolutely agree. Please create these reports and submit a pull request.
Re: Very limited Reports in Android Application

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There has been a great deal of buzz of late about Android. In the event that you aren't educated and don't yet claim a cell phone, you may not know a mess about Android. Essentially, it is a product application for cell phones and different gadgets that incorporates applications and a working framework. Android Inc. was bought by Google in 2005. Reports express that in the last monetary quarter of 2010, the Android was the top offering cell phone framework on the planet, which is a significant achievement. Before that, Symbian by Nokia held the title for a long time.
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