Missing DLL's in 1.3.1 (32 bit)

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Re: Missing DLL's in 1.3.1 (32 bit)

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I downloaded this today and got the same error message. 
After spending about 45 minutes came up with the solution. It is dependent on the OS that you are using. 
A KB patch "Windows8.1-KB2999226-x64" had to be installed in my case. My OS is Win 8.1. 
Re: Missing DLL's in 1.3.1 (32 bit)

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This file is also missing for 64bit portable.
I've had hit and miss when promised release and download versions don't match. (does anyone check?)
However being on a work PC I require portable version. (when at work)
We run Win 7 so any Win 8, 10 dependancy is no good for a portable edition.

Can this be fixed please?
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