Sync PHP webapp with dropbox

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Sync PHP webapp with dropbox

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I'm fairly new to MMEX and would like to thank the whole community behind this project !

As a newbie, I would like to have my .mmb/.emb file along with attachments to be synched in a dropbox location and be able to open it using the PHP webapp.

Is it possible ?

Thanks in advance

Re: Sync PHP webapp with dropbox
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Hi, WebApp currently it's not a full MMEX app but only a simple way to insert transactions (and attachments) from mobile (or better, from every browser).
When you open desktop version, all data present on WebApp are downloaded and imported into desktop version. On WebApp will remain only account names, categories, payees to be used for future transactions.

You can put MMEX desktop on Dropbox, with attachments too, instead I don't find a reason to put WebApp on it.
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