MoneyManagerEX_SVN-3085 - Major mistake in Un-Reconciled

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Re: MoneyManagerEX_SVN-3085 - Major mistake in Un-Reconciled

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jamie wrote:I am firmly on lotsofjunk's side on this one and would like to see this change in the next official version.
Hi, I'm a new user and have just tried my first reconciliation, anticipating that MSMoney will eventually pack up on the only PC in the house that will still run it. Because I still have access to MS Money, a direct comparison was possible. I've tried to follow the debate of about 5 years ago but was completely baffled by it.

My balances from the Money Manager EX and MS Money were different and I can see that Money Manager is mostly right, but wrong for 4 calculations out of nearly 30 - all the rest are correct. Clearly a calculation has taken place, but it's just wrong. What am I missing?

Re: MoneyManagerEX_SVN-3085 - Major mistake in Un-Reconciled
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As you can see from the postings, this has been a long standing discussion over many years. Over the years, the way balances are being calculated have changed, and therefore the balances no longer try to present a balance ledger. This has been clearly explained by Greg Chapman in past posts.

When I attempt to reconcile an account, I often discover that the dates that I have recorded, are different from the dates that the bank has recorded them, so my balances always appear to be incorrect. The order of transactions entered into MMEX also makes a difference to the balances for the same day.

The way to solve this is to use the 'Reconciled Balance' in the header, and then setting the individual transactions as reconciled in the order recorded by the bank. This will show up any irregular or missing transactions if any.

In the latest version, View Reconciled and View unreconciled has been removed to avoid confusion. Use of the 'Transaction Filter' can also generally display the required transactions, then use the popup menu 'Mark all being viewed' to assist in the reconcile process.

Conclusion: No mistake, just different.
Regards: Stefano
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