Release announcements and auto-update

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Release announcements and auto-update

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Hi, I find MMEX wonderful, and I start to use it on Windows and Android, being synchronized via a file on my ownCloud.

The only thing that a annoys me is: always having the latest stable version (on Windows desktop) without investigating manually various websites each time from time to time.

1) the downloads page, announcements forum, and other releases links are often out of sync between each other.

e.g. download page sometimes refers to incorrect build being the latest stable, and or latest unstable;) sometimes you get the right / up-to-date information on the download page and sometime on some announcement page, and sometime ... no! each time I think it should be this way: one or two places

As an End User I want the download link and release info to be always published on only one or two places (e.g. Download page and Forum Announcement Thread) and never ever on any other page!, so that:
- I'm never confused which page is most up to date (having to do more verification in various places).
- but instead whenever I want to get the latest version (for whatever reason) I have full 100% certainity (and peace of mind) that for many months to come in the future I have one simple rule in my mind telling me "when I want to download the right (latest stable) release I need to open this page and it will always be true and in sync with all other places (e.g. github, forum) which I can visit only when having additional interest other than downloading the latest stable release" ; and so that I can always count on this rule!

2) the application does not automatically auto-update

e.g. now I have 1.3.1 Windows desktop and when clicking Help -> Check for updates, it tells me I have the latest, although 1.3.3 has been announced (and now published on the download page) as the latest stable!

it goes the same as previous user story:

As an End User
I want the auto-update feature to be always in sync with the announced/published stable release (previous user story)
So that:
- I'm never confused and have peace of mind blah blah blah ....

... so that I am even more and more your great fan, and great fan of MMEX, because I so feel in sync with the developers (because I never ever feel confused and never ever find myself in need to double check and triple check in what I get from you)!

IMHO if you make this as your top priority - clean up your publicity mess once for all (= once for all set up one publish process for many months to come) and have good communication with the community in the most important basic thing (releases), and only after doing that get back to other development work - then the whole project will gain THE LIFE of a software project. This is a hunch of a very experienced software developer.

Once again thanks for all the fantastic job you made, I am so truly happy that I have a wonderful and powerful money management tool on my own cloud (= not have to share my financial data with any service provider e.g. in the cloud). All the best wishes and may God bless you all! :)
Re: Release announcements and auto-update

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