[Filter] Generic number of operation

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[Filter] Generic number of operation

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Hello All,

Currently I use MMEX because a function seems not working anymore in newest versions.

When you display an account, it's possible to apply a filter by filling "Numéro" (Number) in "Filtre des opérations" (filter operations/filter transactions)

It is possible to fill a generic number in the field "Numéro" (Number).
For example, when I fill the field with the value 160501- then operations that have a number beginning by this number (as 160501-01, 160501-02, 160501-03...) are displayed all together.

It seems that this functionality does not work anymore in newest versions.  

Do you think that it will be possible for you to reactivate this functionality in next version or soon ?

Thank you
Re: [Filter] Generic number of operation

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It should works in newest version.
Or I don't understand the problem.
Re: [Filter] Generic number of operation

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Yes , also would be grate If we can modify the ID number or to reorder the transactions by draging
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