Check for Update Link under HELP

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Check for Update Link under HELP

Attila The Hun
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The check for update link Help has anomaly. Evidently the check update functions checks version of Windows not version of using OS. MAC version is presently lower than Windows, thereby indicating a newer version is available. Forgot to add that so far MMEX seems very straight forward and intuitive
Re: Check for Update Link under HELP

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I've verified this behavior on Mac running MMEX and opened ticket 3300034 on sourceforge. Thanks.

Re: Check for Update Link under HELP
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This problem has been addressed in the development version, and will be corrected in future versions.

In the mean time, Version for the Mac is now available from

In future, the different operating systems will be identified to a limited degree, namely Windows, Unix/Linux and Mac.
This way if one OS version falls behind, it can be tracked.
Regards: Stefano
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