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Just downloaded the s/w. Quite nice, but how do I enter dividends into an investment account?
Re: Dividends

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Try to increase inintial balance for investment account.
Or add new record but change the Symbol field to something is missing in the reestr.
Re: Dividends
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Hi Peter,

Using version, try creating a Term account.
Assume we have a savings account with $5000, and we want to purchase 1000 shares @ $1 per share in a company called Qwerty.

We would create accounts as follows:
Account Name: Savings ............ Account type: Check/Savings - Amount: $2000 and deposit $3000 (or any other combination)
Account Name: Qwerty: Stock .... Account type: Investment - Add 1000 Shares @ $1 each (or any other combination)
Account Name: Qwerty: Term .... Account type: Term Transfer $1000 from Savings to Qwerty: Term then withdraw $1000 and classify as share purchases. This balances the home page to show the correct values.

Further purchases or sales of shares would be handled in a similar way.

Now the Dividends:
These are added to the Qwerty: Term account and classified accordingly. If more shares are purchased using the dividends, this is further recorded in this account. These dividends can also be transfered back to the savings account if this is what is happening. This way you can keep track of what is happening to the Qwerty account.

I know this may bit awkard, but there are future plans to work out how to simplify this process in the future developments.

Hope this helps.
Regards: Stefano
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