I like the progress made

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I like the progress made

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Good morning

I started using MMEX when version was current and liked it from the off. I've upgraded as and when new versions came about but hadn't noticed the release of until today, when I found a minor niggle with the split transaction feature (I couldn't edit an erroneous entry) and came to check out whether anyone else had come across it. Lo and behold they had, and this has been sorted in the new version.

The update highlights one of the great features about this software. Each update is a steady improvement on the last, gradually ironing out the few bugs as and when they are found, and introducing new features if thought relevant. All of the changes in v. are an improvement on the last, and nothing has been added which was unnecessary.

Evolution not change for change's sake. Exactly what all the best software writers are about.

Congratulations and many, many thanks for MMEX - I wouldn't be without it and use most of the features. For the 'ordinary Joe' (and lady) it's ideal.
Re: I like the progress made

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Many thanks!

I like this aphorism:
"For the 'ordinary Joe' (and lady) it's ideal."
Re: I like the progress made
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paulcroft wrote:Evolution not change for change's sake. Exactly what all the best software writers are about.

I too started using MMEX at, and after having made my initial improvements, I thank everyone for their suggestions for improvements. I am pleased that the latest improvements made in have benefited everyone.
Regards: Stefano
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