Developing Addons and extra interfaces for mmex

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Developing Addons and extra interfaces for mmex

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Hi Guys,

anyone got any concerns\issues with someone setting up a project and releasing apps to help with using MMEX?

I ask I've put some a command line app that might be useful here:

Currently it's just an tool to import ofx documents (with multiple statements in the document).

Re: Developing Addons and extra interfaces for mmex

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Hi Matt,

It seems some users need csv inport another need qif third need ofx ...
Now in mmex there are 2 parsers one csv another qif.
Ofx formst is closed to XML and may be converted easy to XML.
I think wecan provide one interface for import any formats if it will be converted to XML.
Other words mmex import functionslity may be transformed to inport xml.
Additional functions will be provided:
1) qif to xml converter;
2) ofx to xml converter
3) csv to xml converter;
As result we will have one UI to import any format.

What do you think about it?

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