Recurring transactions & Daily Cash Flow Forecast

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Recurring transactions & Daily Cash Flow Forecast

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I just wondered if it was possible to clarify the working behind the Daily Cash Flow report.  From what I can tell it appears that only the 1st occurrence of any overdue recurring transactions are factored in on the report and then the repeated occurrences decrement from that point on at whatever interval is set.  The recurring transaction is set to auto execute on next pay date.

Just to try and clarify (as I realised that could be a bit confusing)..... If I create a recurring transaction for £100 on an account with the interval set to weekly and set the start & pay date to be 3 weeks previous (i.e. 3rd October 2015 and it shows 21 days overdue in the recurring transactions view), I would expect the cash flow forecast to show a figure of -£300.00.  It doesn't appear to do this however.  It shows -£100.00 with £100 being withdrawn each week from this point forward and doesn't backdate the occurrences whereas I would have expected it to show a balance of -£300 with £100 being withdrawn from this point onwards.

Apologies if I've misunderstood something in the functionality of the report / software.

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