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Interesting Figures

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"$ 100" - if your spontaneous purchase is more this amount, use the rule that for every $ 100 value of things wait 1 day before buying. That is, If you are very much wanted to buy the MP3 player for $ 300, before the purchase wait 3 days: you may change their plans.

30% - 30% could be saved in the store, if filled with a list of planned purchases. The money saved on the fact that there is no need to go to the store for weeks.

4 - If you manage your family budget, and if a waste of more than your 4-day budget, be sure to discuss the waste of your wife. All waste material should be discussed, and if you want to go to quarrel about costs, adhere to this rule.

2% - your watch (if not present) should not cost more 2% of your personal annual income. For the ladies - you can use the same rule for buying handbags and cap:)

5% - the minimum amount of your monthly savings or investments. First, you accumulate money in a reserve fund, and then start experimenting with investments. Remember that your goal - not to accumulate the maximum amount possible, and to secure a peace of mind about money.

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Re: Interesting Figures

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I wonder who now generally wears a watch on his hand.
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