Bank SMS (text) account information automation

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Bank SMS (text) account information automation

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I know that there is a feature to use money manager ex to read bank account information via Tasker and add as a transaction.
Here is the Tasker integration details on Github for MoneyManager Ex:

Could some explain how to setup Tasker to read SMS received from the bank? I tried to do this reading many Tasker posts but no success. I'm somekind of noob. :?

Here is a sample SMS text from my bank:

160101 23:59 Purchase via bankcard: -2.300 EUR; MCDONALDS; Card number: ...1234; Balance: 10.000 EUR - Bank name
Here is the meanings:
[date YYMMDD] [time 24hrs hh:mm] [transaction type]: -[amount] [currency]; [purchase place]; Card number: ...[card's last 4 digit]; Balance: [amount] [currency] - Bank name
Some additional information:
  • In my case the amount and the balance has no decimal place the mark "." is just a symbol to read more easy the 2300 EUR or the 10000 EUR
  • Also the transaction's amount has +/- symbol according it's a withdraw or an income.
So how should I setup the the Tasker to get the parameters and send them to MoneyManager Ex on Android?

Thank you.
Re: Bank SMS (text) account information automation

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Re: Bank SMS (text) account information automation

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