New version is only for Sierra?

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New version is only for Sierra?

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I have downloaded the new version, only to find that it will ONLY work on 10.12!  I have 10.11, which is satisfactory for all other programs.  The older version of MMEX I am running bombs out a lot, so I have been hoping for an update.  It's dmg is named mmex-1.2.7-macos10.9.dmg and is dated (downloaded) July 8, 2016.  The version I just downloaded is named mmex-v1.3.0-macOSsierra10.12.dmg.  Is there an upgrade that will work on macOS 10.11?  Or any older version of the software I could use that would not bomb?  Have you just skipped from 10.9 to 10.12 with no stops between?  Thanks, Eleanor
Re: New version is only for Sierra?

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MMEX v1.3.1 build should work on Mac 10.9 and higher.
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