Use BLOOMBERG quotes

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Use BLOOMBERG quotes

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I have to use quotes from Bloomberg but I can not make it work.

The page of the value is But not bring values.

Can help me? 
Re: Use BLOOMBERG quotes
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Currently only Yahoo is supported to update stocks.

Settings that you will find in options is referred to stock page that will open when click on open stock page URL within a stock
Re: Use BLOOMBERG quotes

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I would also be interested in using Bloomberg symbols. Is there any project to introduce this as an option in MMEX ?
Keep up the good work.
Re: Use BLOOMBERG quotes

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I apologize for resurrecting a (maybe) old post.

I'd like to say that i'm interested too for a bloomberg stock quotes support. 

Many stocks aren't available on yahoo finances, and sadly bloomberg is one of the most complete i can find. 

For example, this is not available on yahoo finance:
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