STOCK Functions

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STOCK Functions

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I tested the version 3.0 and saw that they have new features for stocks. I think it would be good to add a target value and the summary sheet to see how far we are from that value. Thus already arrived decide whether or not the sale or purchase and can make decisions faster.On the other hand, I consult them to see how it works Stock Account. When creating a new purchase gave me the opportunity to create an account on the Stock I was creating. The idea is to make transfers between bank accounts Stock particular account? And so settle the transaction? It could not happen there many accounts this way? What happens when we sell all this action?I mention this because when then you do a transaction between bank accounts also show you the list of accounts Stock and therefore the list grows strongly.Regards !!!Thank you !!!
Re: STOCK Functions

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On v3 Beta, What I am doing is essentially creating Stock accounts with  a strategy name linked to my investment account (Portfolio/Fund)

So for instance I have 3 Investment Accounts (Strategy Aggressive, Strategy Long Term, Strategy Opportunities)

The account Strategy Aggressive have 15 securities in it, but all the transactions are made in the Stock Account named "StockStrategyAggressive" so I won't create for each security its stock account.

So whenever I need to perform a Buy , I transfer my money from the Bank Account to the StockStrategyAggressive and from there perform the record of the transaction (buy in this case). 

In the event of closing the position in gain, I have the opportunity to decide if I want to transfer the whole gain bank to the bank account or keeping money in the StockStrategyAggressive  account and use it as "available cash for trading".

In re your idea of putting a tgt value it would be nice, I noticed the transfer have custom fields now, perhaps there's a way to link this information there ? will check.

I am assuming all the securities are on the same local currency.
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