Import: Template should tie to the account

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Import: Template should tie to the account

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Thanks for creating this great tool. I love using in on OSX. 
My banks do not provide statements in a standardised format. To overcome this I have created a spreadsheet in Numbers where I copy/past transactions and then export as csv. I have named the csv files as 0 to 9 to create a one to one mapping for import templates. This all works great but for one issue. When I am importing I always have to select the target account again. 

It would be simpler and intuitive to just select a template on import screen and it knows which account is the target account ( as it remembers which is the source file for each). 
I am not sure if it is a bug that it does not remember the target account or feature is not designed like this. 


Re: Import: Template should tie to the account

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I am sure that this feature is already there.
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