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Year End

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Normally, as far as I am aware, when you reach the end of the year, you create a new financial year, carrying forward future transactions, transaction still to be reconcile etc.. I cannot see in Money Manager a way of closing down year 1 and creating year 2 as a separate database.  At the moment I have a database going back to 2014, it will get bigger and bigger, this seems crazy.  I would have thought this was a basic routine.  I have seen it in accounting packages, so why isn't it in Money Manager.  Hardly a money manager if it can't do the basics!
Re: Year End

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I do not believe you will encounter any significant performance problems as you go forward with MMEX. I have transactions in multiple accounts going back to 1993 - over 20,000 transactions are shown in the Transaction Statistics/ Total Transactions footer of the Home Page for MMEX. Even so my database is just 3060 KB. I just recently converted over to MMEX from Quicken 2003 for Windows and I had no performance issues with the 20,000+ record file in Quicken either. I am running on a low end Gateway desktop that cost less than $300 when I purchased it at Staples over 5 years ago so I pretty certain your PC is more powerful than mine.

The only performance issues I have run into with MMEX are with the Cash Flow reports but they are projecting 10 years into the future and I do not see how the size of the database would be a factor. Even so it is a minor delay as one waits 30 seconds for this particular report to complete. All other reports, updates, and commands finish instantly.
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