Support for "themes" or customisation of display options

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Support for "themes" or customisation of display options
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First post. Firstly "Thank you". I had almost given up hope of finding a decent piece of software that would support multi device coordination. Often I have found multi-device SW but it has been VERY light on features. I have been using KMyMoney (a powerhouse that I am sad to leave but....) for the past 6 years but the lack of Android capability was hurting my brain every time I spend with cash.

OK. Plaudits done!

My suggestion is to be able to easily customise the base colours. In the account view (Windows) the row colours are a little "vague" for me so I would like to be able to change the alternating colours and/or the border colours. Further to this (if adding such options) it would be a nice feature to be able to choose your own font. Though, mostly, a "nice to have" I can see some benefit in allowing custom fonts and font sizes as this can help some people with sight issues. I am colour blind (red/green) and see the world slightly differently than most. Being able to customise colours helps me greatly with software (even the ZX Spectrum could be ordered with a colour blind keyboard!!).

Anyway, again, "THANKS!!!". Looking forward to building up some really big data (couldn't import my KMyMoney data as it has multi-level categories (as in "as many levels as you want"). I thought this was a great thing but realise it just made me make up ENDLESS categories that became meaningless!
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Re: Support for "themes" or customisation of display options

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