Some way of moving transactions up or down within the same day.

This is a two-fold reason here. Some banks update at midnight(23:59:59) whilst others apparently update at just before Noon(11:59:59)

There is also the visual aspect when trying to read off timed data.

At the moment you can have a situation where a transaction paid in, is after a transaction paid out. This then can show as a negative balance on an account where a credit limit warning is triggered, when there is actually no problem.

A way of moving a transaction up or down within the same day, by either a selection arrow next to the row highlighted or a simple selection by right click of the mouse, would be handy. Imagine just 20 transactions on one day where 15 could generate a negative balance before an amount paid in was shown, whereas in reality the paid in amount was made at 1 minute after midnight.

I also would find that ordering in the same way as the bank statements would be a boon for reconciling and cross checking.