Discrepancy between Android app and Desktop - Share account

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Discrepancy between Android app and Desktop - Share account

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Hi all,

first of all thank you for that really good open source app. It is really helpful and I am glad there is this open source solution.

I would like to report a little glitch, there is an inconsistency of how investment withdrawals are handled in the app on android or on desktop.

If I buy a mutual funds for 1000 $, it appears as an expense in the summary of the android app while it does not appear in the desktop. In my mind the latter would be correct since the money is not gone, just transferred into another form. Could this be corrected in the Android app ?

Furthermore it would be nice to have proper calculations for revenue on this investment. The standard reports do not take into account courtage fees and gains of dividends + taxes (means there would be a brut performance without tax consideration and net performance with tax considerations).

Did someone already did some customized report for this ? I am new to this database handling and not sure how to start. (If someone could link some tutorial so I can try by myself I would be really happy).

This would be the last thing I need before I would totally scrap my excel spreadsheet I am using until now for tracking my investments.

Thank you very much,
Re: Discrepancy between Android app and Desktop - Share acco

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