expand the new transaction dialogue

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expand the new transaction dialogue

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Many thanks for providing Money Manager EX.
Would it be possible to expand new transaction dialogue with an additional import csv feature?
What I have in mind is the following: scan the receipt of a shop - lets say a supermarket, subject this image to text recognition and split resulting text into lines and the line into into fields. That works with Abby finereader, and libre office calc (or excel) using left and right functions reasonably well. Should work with teseract (opensource) as well – have not tried this yet.
Now I would like to import this table into Money manager and assign it to one recipient of my money and assign the items to categories and maybe subcategories. But I would like to maintain the the name of the item – so I really know what I bought. To me the knowledge how much money I spend for food or grocery is indicative but not helpful if I can not compare the prices of different shops for example.
I do realize that an assignment of the individual items to different categories can be very challenging, and maybe it is a good idea to do this in a first step by manually editing the table to be imported.
English is not my native tongue – sorry about bad phrasing.
Hope I did not miss any information and did request an existing feature.
Looking forward to your thoughts.
Re: expand the new transaction dialogue

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