Add "Notes" Field to Home Page Upcoming Transactions Section

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Add "Notes" Field to Home Page Upcoming Transactions Section
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I frequently have multiple recurring transactions to and from the same "Payee" (especially my bank accounts). Sometimes these are direct deposits, some are interest payments, some are regularly scheduled transfers between accounts. But from the home page's "Upcoming Transactions" section, all I see is "Bank ABC 10.00" "Bank ABC 45.00", etc. So I often don't remember what each of these transactions are for.

This is especially true when I enter recurring transactions with empty values (for example for regularly scheduled interest payments - I know they come at on specific date, but I don't know the amount in advance), in that case I have multiple entries with a Payee name, and a 0.00 amount. It would be very useful to allow the "Notes" field to be included in this summary screen (maybe make it optional for those with smaller monitors?). That way I would know exactly what these transactions are without having to navigate to the recurring transactions screen.
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Re: Add "Notes" Field to Home Page Upcoming Transactions Sec

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