Some simple navigation and user interface changes would be a great help, especially when setting up a new database. For example, select multiple transactions and reallocate them all at once. Why does this have to be one at a time? The reallocate categories is a nightmare. This too is a one at a time operation. Once you're in the reallocation window, you can reallocate one category or subcategory, and as soon as it's done, the window goes away. Back to the menu bar and start again. It would be great if you could rearrange categories and sub-categories just by dragging them. It would also save having to delete the now moved category from the list, because right now it stays in place even after its reallocated. It's very time consuming to do this on quite a few categories, one at a time. Go ahead and count how many clicks are required to make a category a sub-category of another one.