Recurring Transactions: Autoexecute in Advance

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Recurring Transactions: Autoexecute in Advance

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I did propose this over a year ago but it seems to have vanished in the mists of time...and Google shows me others have asked for the same thing so I thought I'd have another go.


I primarily use MMeX to track the state of my bank/savings accounts and occasionally move money around to prevent them being overdrawn. For example I have one account where most of my bills are paid from. It is funded from other account(s) from which I move the money as necessary. I obviously need to do this in advance of a bill being paid - almost all of which these days happen automatically as Direct Debits and are contained in the "Recurring Transactions" list. The simplest (best?) way of doing this is to glance at the "Bank Account" screen for the relevant account and see at what point it goes into the red (or drops below a particular threshold). It tells me instantly that I need to transfer funds within the next 'x' days. However, for this to work, I do need the future transactions entered into the account maybe two weeks to one month ahead.

Some of these payments (eg credit card bills) are for varying amounts and have to be manually adjusted. So when I get a statement three weeks or so in advance of the payment date I can go into the "recurring transactions" list, select the relevant entry ("Enter Next Occurrence") and set the correct amount before hitting "enter". For the remainder (eg Council Tax, Mobile phone, subscriptions) I also have to go through this manual process but without any need to adjust the "amount due".


Life would be so much easier (for me at least!) if the "recurring transactions" entry screen let you set "auto execute" up to x days in advance. (Currently it will only auto execute on the due date). Surely this is not a major feature to add - it is almost there already?

I noticed that somebody else's work around was to occasionally advance the date on his computer by three weeks before running MMeX and then closing MMeX down and resetting the clock to the right date. Something I'm not happy to do as there could be side effects elsewhere on the computer - and it shouldn't be necessary.

BTW: Thanks to all who have contributed to MMeX I've using it for at least the past 10 years.


Re: Recurring Transactions: Autoexecute in Advance

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Hi David,

I've changed a bit stock panel functionality and auto postings. But some bugs are present yet.
I'll fix before 1.4 beta release.
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