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Re: Storage mmexini.db3

Post by Renato »

The problem lies much deeper, all settings saved in .db3 belong to the corresponding accounting.
Example: Default Date, Default Payee, Default Status ....
At the moment, the same .db3 is valid for all bookkeeping

For the attachment this was solved in such a way that one directory is used per accounting.

Therefore my suggestion: How about using the same name / directory for the .db3 as for the database.
regards Renato use MMEX since 2009

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Re: Storage mmexini.db3

Post by siowena »

There needs to be some 'app' settings and some are 'user' setting (the ID entered when creating a new DB).

For language, does the PC/Mac change it's language for when you use MMEX? I personally believe such settings should, if possible, be read from the OS itself - if this is not possible due to the multiple platforms supported - then held in central area.

Maybe the mmexini.db3 can be updated to have settings per 'user' and a 'default' set?

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