Split Transaction Feature Requests - Notes & Transfers

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Split Transaction Feature Requests - Notes & Transfers

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I currently use Gnucash, and have about 40+ years of transactions in my database. Thinking about my mortality and considering that my wife would not be able to work with Gnucash, I have been looking at MMEX as a easier replacement. I am currently evaluating MMEX, but have run into a couple of items that is preventing me from moving into the MMEX camp. The items are as follows:

-- Notes in splits --

I have used this feature extensively in Gnucash. There are times when I would like to know about a part of the split, but do not need to create a new category to reflect the item. For instance:

Payee: Semi-monthly cash expenses 100 *** From Cash Accounts: Cash ***
Category: Food 15
Category: Utility: Garbage & Recycle 5
Category: Personal: Miscellaneous 25 Note: "Mother-in-law birthday"
Category: Personal: Miscellaneous 50 Note: "Parents Anniversary"
Category: Personal: Miscellaneous 5

-- Account transfers --

Account transfer is another item that I have used extensively in Gnucash. For example:

Payee: Big Box Store 200 *** From Bank Accounts: Bank - Checking ***
Category: Food 100
Category: Personal: Miscellaneous 60
Cash Accounts: Cash 40 *** Transfer to Cash Accounts: Cash (cash in hand) ***

I hope the above examples make sense, without any explanation.
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Re: Split Transaction Feature Requests - Notes & Transfers

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