Transaction Report: 'Advanced' button

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Transaction Report: 'Advanced' button

Post by Wirmike »

When researching reconcilation errors, especially in large, long running accounts, trying discover inadvertantly set Advanced buttons is too tiresome, by half.
Could a report be generated for each occurance of the Advanced button being set (Edit Transaction dialogue)?
If a report for each occurance also reported BOTH sides of the transaction, differences could be readiy spotted.
There would, of course, be a seperate report line for each half of the transaction if the Transaction Report selection criterion was not account specific.
This selection could be by a simple 'tick' box in the "Type' area of the Transaction Filter dialogue.

I have accounted for many errors by correcting these settings, mostly the then recent ones, but suspect there a good few historic ones that have illuded discovery.

If nothing else, correcting a flag, or excluding the possibility, will direct investigation to another reason for a reconcilation issue.

Undoubtedly, other users may find reasons of their own for finding such a search filter useful!


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