Favourite Files menu item.

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Favourite Files menu item.

Post by Wirmike »

Currently, the menu Files>Recent Files... provides short-cuts to a number of the most recently opened databases.

For some, this is perfectly adequate. But for others, especially those with a number of databases in excess of the current maxima for this menu choice, resorting to picking that wanted database file from the assigned directory, only to find the previous file order in the Recent Files lising changed may be a 'little' irritating!
That the 'Recent Files...' list be morphed into a 'Favourites...' list with each file being able to be ascribed a position in it, by the User.
That the new 'Favourites ...' list be capable of supporting up to say, ten(10) favourites (there may be those who would like more).

Having less need to plod around the directories/folders can only be good and everything (by and large) working from w/in the MMEX environment would seem quicker, neater and tidier!
Perhaps then the only reason to venture into the directory/folder level might be to select a back-up, for what should only be on that rare occassion.


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Re: Favourite Files menu item.

Post by guanlisheng »

Like the idea

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Re: Favourite Files menu item.

Post by Nikolay »

FYI https://github.com/moneymanagerex/money ... ssues/2387

Using this feature you can start so many instances (even at the same time) as you need.
Even if you need different languages UI.

PS Agree that favorites is better than recent.

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