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Auto Execute in advance

Post by parky »

I have used MMeX in a basic way for many years to reconcile several bank accounts and to make sure I don't inadvertently go overdrawn. For the latter purpose I need to be able to look into the future to ensure I have adequate funds present before any particular payment is due.

These days (at least for me) a fair amount goes out automatically on Direct Debits. Naturally these all sit on the system as 'Recurring Transactions'. Essentially I have two types of these Direct Debits: (1) A fixed amount - the same every time. (2) A variable amount. An example of the second are credit card bills that vary from month to month.

With Credit Card bills, when the bill arrives, I go into 'Recurring Transactions', find the entry, do 'Enter Next Occurrence' and fill in the actual amount due as part of the process of entering it. At the moment, with the other fixed payments, for those due say in the next couple of weeks, I have to select each in turn, 'right click' and enter them manually. What I would like is to be able to set these fixed payments to 'Auto Execute' a given number of days in advance of the due date. MMeX is nearly there in that it does support 'Auto Execute' but only on the due date. Hopefully it would not be a particularly difficult task to add an option to be able to specify Auto Execute XX days before the due date.

When I first raised this some years ago somebody pointed out that I could achieve the same effect by running a particular report. That doesn't match the way I use MMeX to track things. With the next week or so's (known) transactions in place, when I click on a particular account I can see at a glance the recent transactions, current balance and, just by running my eye down a few more lines, whether I need to take any action to prevent the account becoming overdrawn.

My Apologies if this request is sitting somewhere and so this is a duplicate - but I can't find the previous request anywhere. Google still remembers a snippet of it from which I can see I made it on Wed May 08, 2019 11:17 am, but the associated link takes me to "The requested topic does not exist.".

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