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Custom Fields: Properties

Post by Wirmike »

Custom Fields: Properties;
A Custom Field is a marvellous feature for providing a disciplined process for storing such information as would be needed to aid in insurance and warranty record keeping thru the Assets section following purchases recorded in the Accounts section.
The purpose of the check-boxes (to the LHS of the fields shown in the supplementary editting pane to the Transaction Entry/Editting window) continue to mystify.
It seems that as soon one is populated the box is checked. Can this be explained?
2: >
Accidental removal of a field should be prevented by checking if any field has been populated.
This would provide a cautious approach similar to that taken if a Category or Payee is to be removed.
Providing a report facility thru Transactions Reporting would provide some visual auditing.
Adding the Custom Field/s to the right in the transaction Accounts View would be a good idea, aiding visual sorting for example.
To prevent screen clutter, the choice to include a particular field should be a right-clickable option, as currently w/- some of the existing fields.
It may be necessary to enable a left-right scroll in that screen if the number of ‘ticked’ fields require it.
(Included also to the choice of fields could be to include one for the Advanced check-box w/- an “A” if a transaction has that Advanced box selected. [See initial ideas on this box in an earlier post])
6: >
After creating the orignal purchase record in Accounts, some method to create a matching Assets record w/- one click would be quick, slick... and consistent... and nice! (Maybe one for a later day!)
W/- items that are not needed to be added to a household’s asset base value, ’voiding’ a record would not be a strictly accurate representation.
Perhaps another Status category could be created?
“Ι” - ‘Information only’ perhaps.
Alternatively, the user could create a unique set of categories?! (Messy-ish)
Either approach should be visible thru Transaction Reporting.
The upshot is that the Asset section could morph into a more complete register for:
1: Total worth
2: Depreciation (Appreciation)
3: Pocessions and Warranty Expiry tracking.
4: Insurance listings
.. etc...

I hope that these thoughts will be of use.

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