Make "Mark all being viewed" harder to select

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Make "Mark all being viewed" harder to select

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Several times I have chosen "Mark as Reconciled" but accidentally used the "Mark all being viewed" selection instead of the single entry "Mark" option (quite easy to do, since they are next to each other in the dropdown list). Then I have to fix many old entries that used to be "Void" (but are now "Reconciled"). So I either have to restore from a backup, or manually reset all those specific entries.

Having this ability to so easily "screw things up" is surprising since you don't allow the user to modify more than a single entry when using the regular "Mark" option (if more than one entry is selected, the possible changes are greyed-out).

It would be great if you could either:
  1. Move the "Mark all being viewed" menu choice farther away from "Mark"
  2. Add a confirmation dialog ("Are you sure?") when modifying entries with the "Mark all being viewed" option.
Either of the above would make it more difficult to accidentally change a HUGE number of entries when you only meant to change one.

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Re: Make "Mark all being viewed" harder to select

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