Unable to open mmex

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Re: Unable to open mmex

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I have just upgraded to a new Dell computer running Windows 11 Home version and downloaded MMEX 1.6.2 onto it. When I try to open it asks which data base and when I choose one copied from my old machine it gives me the error message MMEX database upgrade to version 17 failed!
Please restore DB from autocreated pre-upgrade back up and retry or contact MMEX support. (???)
constraint failed [2061]:
When I click OK it then asks
Have MMEX support provided you a debug/patch file? Yes/No
It will then just keep repeating itself till I get bored.
I have used MMEX since 2012 through many upgrades some bad most good and I would like to keep on using it, otherwise I will be forced to go to Microsoft Money :cry:
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Re: Unable to open mmex

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who searches in the forum finds for example:
regards Renato use MMEX since 2009, now with Windows 11
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