Multiple Account purchase (Multiple forms of payment)

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Multiple Account purchase (Multiple forms of payment)

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There seems to be no method within MMEX to handle multiple methods of payment, other than creating a separate transaction for each payment method.
While it may be rare that a purchase involve a Cash account and a Credit Card account, it does happen from time to time.

Where I see this requirement being more common is where a credit card reward is provided in the form of a currency balance, rather than points value.
Where the value of the "Points" is in dollars and cents, and can be redeemed as a form of payment. It is by all definitions a form of currency.
For instance: I purchase goods at a store using my credit card, on the receipt, and online,I earned $7.80 in "Money" and my new points balance is $255.42.
Using my credit card, I have the ability within that store to use that "Money" rather than cash or credit to pay for goods and services offered by the retailer and affiliated retailers.

This "Money" account balance accumulates every time I use the credit card, and diminishes as I purchase goods using the "Money", my balance goes up and down. It's basically a cash account. I can maintain a cash account in MMEX But there is no way manage that cash account without creating multiple transactions. Below are possible transaction scenarios:

Purchase using credit, and earn points
Purchase using credit and points, earn points.
Purchase using points

Again, the points are a currency, in dollar values. Each point has a value of $0.01

Over the course of year, I earn and spend hundreds of dollars purchasing fuel, household goods, tools, lawn and garden, etc.
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