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Start of month

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Good day

Firstly, Great app! Thank you!

I want to find out if it is possible to set the 25th of a month (ie pay day) to be the first day of the month (or first day of a period for that matter)

This way my account wont show as being over drawn on the first of the month.....

If, for example, you are paid on the 25th of April but debit orders start going off on the 1st of May then your account shows that you have spent more (in May) than you have earned. I would like the financial period (or month) to start at pay day and then all costs thereafter are drawn from that pay cheque until the next pay cheque comes in.

Please let me know if this is possible as this would make the App even more useful.

Thank you
Re: Start of month

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It's an interesting idea. I kind of find the income expense useless in the mobile application because of this.
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