Reports in MMEX

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Reports in MMEX

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Is there a facility in MMEX to produce a forecast of future bank balances based on entered recurring transactions - this is what I've been looking for but can't find it.?
Re: Reports in MMEX

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The Daily Cash Flow - Specific Account report does this.
Re: Reports in MMEX

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I think I have the same question, however the Daily Cash Flow report does not show me what I need.

I used Cash Organizer for quite a long time before returning to MMEX.

CO can show you a *projected balance* by taking into account future transactions (What MMEX calls *Recurring Transactions* actually a misnomer)

Example: today is 28th and you will have two deposits into your account AAA on the 1st of next month.

What will be your projected balance in account AAA (and overall) on the 1st taking into account future transactions between the 28th up to and including, the 1st?
Re: Reports in MMEX

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Was there a solution to this ?

This is the only feature I'm trying to find since my MS money no longer opens.
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