SQL problems

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SQL problems

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I am trying to produce some custom reports and my SQL is not that good so have looked at www.schools.com/sql as a guide. I want to produce report using more than one table but when I enter any of the JOIN statements I get a syntax error. when typing the SQL statement if the statement is correct the text of the statement turns green e.g. Select will turn green, but none of the join statements turn green which leads me to believe that I am using the wrong syntax. I therefore got SAMS Teach Yourself SQL from the library and tried their suggestion which leaves out the join statement, and the select statement contains the tables you want to open and you then use the WHERE clause to link the tables. Once again this doesn't work , again it reports syntax error. What am I doing wrong?
Re: SQL problems

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There are a lot of sql for mmex available here: https://github.com/moneymanagerex/general-reports

For better syntax highlighting use any sqlite developer.

To discuss sql is better to provide the sql code.

Re: SQL problems

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Definitely post your code that doesn't compile.  Plenty of users are also SQL programmers.
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