Default Location of Database

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Default Location of Database

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I'm using Win 8.1.

What is the default location of the database?

MoneyManagerEx is opening the last used file which happens to be the database file I last saved in my backup folder. I only want backups there. So I would like to rename that file to a generic name and save it the recommended location. Would that be in the installation folder? Or AppData?

Please advise.
Re: Default Location of Database

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Hi skipdiddly

I can't recall what the default location is, I have my database saved to a folder of my own choosing and all the backups go here too.  If you would like to do this simply go to 'file>save as' then save your database to a folder of your own choice.  When you next open MMEX it will open this database by default.  It will not open a backup file unless you specifically ask it to.  If you save your database as an encrypted file it will be given an emb extension and you will be asked for the password when you next start mmex.  If you press cancel at this time, or get the password wrong, you will be presented with an option to open any database you choose.  Of course, you can always do this once mmex is open via the file menu.

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