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MMEX Update

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MMEX was updated to version 1.2.5 and now the information on the homepage does not show the combined total for stocks and assets, just assets.

Stock totals are displayed. asset totals are displayed.  The Grand Total only has the asset totals.

The prior version did show the Grand total woth stocks and assrts combined.

It is a small problembut I would appreciate you look into this "bug" and fix it so that the Grand Total indicates both stocks and assets.

It is  agreat program and I appreciate your efforts.

Re: MMEX Update

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I agree that's small bug but it gives a bad outlook of the application itself. I suggest a quick release of a fix for that.
Re: MMEX Update

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I would like to see this fixed  also, great program please keep up the great work.
Re: MMEX Update

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