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Nikolay wrote:Leap Year Bug
If you used MMEX today (Feb 29 - leap year) you've probably noticed all your transactions are not displaying properly. All the data in the database is safe, it is only an issue with displaying items on the screen. Everything will return to normal tomorrow. You can also reset the date on your computer to yesterday and everything should reappear. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for using MMEX!
Still does not show Cash flow forTerm Accounts unless you ask for them in Specific Accounts
Re: Disapearing transactions

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There are also two problems with the Balance display on the Home Page:  

1) It seems to forget that "Ignore Future Transactions" has been selected in the View menu;  
2) When future transaction are not ignored the balance shown is not correct.  

I first noticed these problems on 29 February.  They are still evident now (2 March).

A workaround for 1) is to select "Ignore Future Transactions", display an account, return to the Home Page.  This needs to be done each time MM EX is started.

As for 2) - as this is not a problem for me I have not attempted a workaround.  
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