Selecting report period: How?

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Selecting report period: How?

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Hi there,

I'm very happy with MMEX, but there is a simple (at least it seems simple) task that I am not able to do with it.

I find the reports that came in the program very useful, but how do I change their period? I mean, I can select current month, current year, last 30 days. But how do I choose a specific month, for example?

I wanna see "Income vs Expenses" of March. How do I do this?

Thank you,
Re: Selecting report period: How?

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Now this feature is available with GRM.
But somebody should develop the report. There are some report available for import here ... s/releases

More info is here
Re: Selecting report period: How?

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after 1.3.0 release, we could do this operation, sort of.
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