Credit Card monthly charge on bank account

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Credit Card monthly charge on bank account

Post by lupone »

Dear forum of MMEX,

I've recently discovered this application (and this is my first post here), which I like a lot and on which I'm thinking to move my "personal finance" plannings out of the excel sheet, where I now track the following:
1) simple billings and earnings on my bank account
2) credit card payment and its monthly billing on my bank account
3) pre-paid/rechargeable credit card which doesn't get billed periodically on my bank account but where I can transfer funds from my bank account

points 1 and 3 are pretty clear and easy on how to configure and settle them, I'm looking into the recurrent earnings deposit of my monthly salary (to auotmate it a lil for budget planning) but I'm a little challenged with the credit card.

The issue comes from this:
1) I am automatically billed on my bank account of the monthly charges I have on the credit card on the 7th of every month (example, February 7th)
2) I am getting billed for the previous month charges up to the 20th of the previous month (example: from December 21st to January 20th) on the date previously indicated

My Italian bank is the one who manages my credit card as well, so how can I set this in Money Manager EX in order to have a comprehensive look and overview to my credit card expenses?

Possibly, is there a way to "automate" these charges (which I think are called reconciliations on the application)?

Last but not least: If I have pre-authorizations for which I know I'm getting charges on my credit card to a certain date (eg. online orders), can I input these freely in the application?

I look forward to suggestions and tips! 

All the best,


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Re: Credit Card monthly charge on bank account

Post by fers1970 »

Hi, I'm new to MMEX too, and needing some help for the same issue.

I see no one replied, did you figure out how to manage credit card billing?


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