shared expenses/IOU accounting

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shared expenses/IOU accounting

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I may crack a nut with a sledgehammer but me and my girlfriend have different accounts for different purposes and currencies. Since our main bank doesn't allow us to use a sub account mutuality by issuing a second ATM card we use multiple cards/accounts depending on country and purposes.

I would love to simplify this but is currently not a realistic option. That why I started to put all payments (recorded money transfers / debits) in an excel spreadsheet what tells us who owns whom how much in regard of e.g. cost of flat, daily expenses etc. It is somehow similar to the spreadsheet available for download on Money Under 30 but bit more complex (with e.g. uneven shared expenses)

Now I reached a point where too much data got accumulated, so I would like to know if this app  can work with shared expenses/liabilities and list who owns whom how much.

I did some researched on the web and found a plenty of free (open source) accounting software and shared expensed smartphone apps. The apps are too simple and mainly don’t allow importing data. So I need something in between. So far I found the following apps:
    •     My finances
    •     Settle Up
    •     Splitwise
    •     Tricount
    • - Share Bills and Expenses
Since they don’t satisfy my need I read through some comparison website. These sites explain already a lot but nothing about shared
expenses. They are:
So I ended up with software packages listed below. May someone else faced once the same challenge and uses one of them. That would save me a
lot of time of evaluation.
  1.     AdminSoft Accounts
  2.     AFAS Personal Plus
  3.     Apache OpenOffice
  4.     Banana Accounting
  5.     Buxfer: Easy Online Money Management
  6.     economizzer
  7.     GnuCash
  8.     HomeBank
  9.     Invoice Expert
  10.     KMyMoney
  11.     LedgerSMB
  12.     moneytrackin’
  13.     Money Manager Ex
  14.     NCH Express Invoice
  15.     osFinancials Accounting Software
  16.     QuickFile
  17.     Skrooge
  18.     SlickPie
  19.     TurboCASH
  20.     VT Cash Book
  21.     Wave Accounting
  22.     webzash
  23.     xTuple PostBooks
  24.     ZipBooks

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