Migrate to latest version issues

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Migrate to latest version issues

Post by winkface »

I loaded the 1.2.7 version last year and it worked great for my stuff. Newer versions always produced errors similar to
"15:22:32: ACCOUNTLIST_V1: Exception SQL logic error or missing database[1]: no such column: STATEMENTLOCKED".

I completely removed all MMEX files except mmb ones, reran the 1.3.3x64 start exe, and was eventually able to load the 1.2.7 version mmb (only worked once?). I had to manually load the assets, and the recurring entries which didn't carry over, I also had to reload the account settings like the starting amount which didn't carry over. The reports I coded needed special handling as did the reconciled settings. This was not a smooth migrate and I have spent the last two weeks getting this far. I enjoy sinking my teeth into things like this and this time spent was great, but I am slow at the switch at times and generally triple the time a normal person spends on this thing, and that's when I know what i'm doing. I have time to spare so there is little need for a hurry.

Now i have an 1.2.7x64 generated directory for the 1.2.7 version and another for the 1.3.3x64 generated version. I cannot cross versions either way

What a magnificent program, thank you. What a joy this transition has been, i looked forward to getting up in the morning and hated going to bed the next morning. Once I get this software together, i'm moving on to the item that started the upgrade process. I want a database map but found nothing that works in this forum except "http://moneymanagerex.svn.sourceforge.n ... _structure" which doesn't load.

Can anyone help with the data_structure mapping?

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