10,00€ becomes 1'000€ during import

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10,00€ becomes 1'000€ during import

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Hi all,

I don't find any question like that here so i ask the question.

I did upload MMEX, seems quite user friendly but i have an issue when i import my accounts.
Indeed, every debit/credit amount is multiplied by 100.

As I wrote in my title, an upload of 55,87€ becomes 5'587,00€.
Well, it seems quite interesting as a result, but it is not reality unfortunately...

I did upload a .csv, i tried different solutions, as marking those columns as standard, figures, money, but still the same result.
I even tried to change the fields from 55,87 to 55.87, which didn't work neither.

Do MMEX has a solution/configuration for that, please ?
Thanks in advance for your help. :-)
Re: 10,00€ becomes 1'000€ during import

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Hi. If currency setting would be changed it may be effected to snow import results.
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