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Reports the filtering details
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How many kinds of vacuums are available?

If you are reading my page, you are considering looking to find what is the best vacuum cleaner for your house. It is not easy for you to get the right one. You will see a rainbow of different vacuum cleaners in various sizes, shapes, colors, features, and prices. However, you absolutely cannot give up on cleaning your house and bringing a new feeling to your family.

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On our page, we will show you all the main types of vacuum cleaners. There are five types of vacuum cleaners. We believe that you will find it helpful at this time. Don’t leave our page.


Canister vacuum

The canister is listed on the list of top vacuum cleaners, which is in between the upright and the stick vacuums. It comes in a big set with a slender frame, which is the same as the stick vacuum cleaners. This vacuum is as mighty as the upright model. There is a canister attached with a wand, which maintains the carpet and also bare floors. This vacuum is the perfect choice for cleaning houses. It is easy to clean the stairs if you choose the lighter model. Moreover, it also comes with full accessories for cleaning different spaces from small to large. Besides, it is the most expensive vacuum with high technology and multifunction.

Stick vacuum

The stick vacuum is similar to the light upright. Stick vacuum cleaners might be the least powerful model, but it is perfect for cleaning in small places and works well on hardwood floors, light carpet, and rugs. This vacuum has a long, slender stick handle. Because of slimness, this model can be perfect for closet spaces since it can reach in the corners. It is easy to use and store. Usually, this type is battery-operated and inexpensive, around 25 to 500 USD. If you are living in a small apartment, it would be ideal.

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Upright vacuum

This vacuum is the full-size device, which is the most common vacuum, and it comes with the most suction value for money. Its weight is around 10 to 18 pounds and it costs from 50 to 1000 dollars. Primarily, it is the strongest for cleaning up and is easy to use. Most people have used this vacuum at least one time in their life. It can be used on most surfaces from floors to carpet; it also comes with the accessories for cleaning narrow places. To have a good upright, it is better to go with a top vacuum cleaner brand.

Handheld vacuum

This vacuum is the mini vacuum, which costs from 20 to 250 dollars and only weighs five pounds or even less. This vacuum is recommended for small areas, cars, or boats. Although it is not as strong as the other devices, it allows you to work on the area that the powerful machine could not. This vacuum is especially used for cleaning up dirt and debris in narrow places; hence, it will not work well on the floors or carpet.

Robot vacuum


This model was invented recently and immediately became super popular and among the highest-rated vacuum cleaners on the market. This vacuum requires no effort. It can roam around your house and clean up any mess as it goes. This robotic vacuum can save your time and energy. Besides, it can reach even some places that the other machines could not, such as under a table, couch, etc. It is around 10 pounds in weight, easy to use, and a battery powered.

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We hope that our experience of five main types of these good vacuum cleaners would help you to find the right device for you to keep your house clean and fresh all the time. Please check it out carefully and enjoy your time!
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