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Android: Backup, and Dropbox/GoogleDrive is missing

Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 7:10 pm
by FabioPaulon
I'm using the last Android version.
In the page advises that there is DropBox, GoogleDrive.. synchronization.
Un the previous version I could sync and back up my files. Now I'm unable, I pick on Synchronize option but I get the message "unable to sync"- or similar - or "Conflict! Both files have been modified" (this last one began after I attempted to reopen the file data.mmb. After to do this (re-open database file) the system deleted all my registries and created a new database (I need to create an account). I need to
When did the synchronization, what happens? Where is the file destination synchronized? How can I find it in my Android.
Please, help me. I lost much info (nearly 5,000 entries).