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Why the desktop app is so slow

Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 6:50 am
by alex4998
I don't understand how it's even possible to be that slow. It looks like the app is written in C++. I have a QIF file which is just 10111 lines long 108KB. It takes 20 seconds to load/parse the file, just 500 lines per second when each line is short and quite straightforward for parsing. It it only loading and parsing, importing takes another 20 seconds or so. That should take a second. There is nothing complex there. Removing 1800 records from an account takes minutes. I even thought the app hung up, the interface became unresponsive, but no, it actually deleted those records but how much time it took. Is there something that might make the app faster?

Re: Why the desktop app is so slow

Posted: Mon Mar 16, 2020 9:25 am
by christon
disable all task program this may help you

Re: Why the desktop app is so slow

Posted: Mon Mar 16, 2020 4:09 pm
by mikhailo2608il
I have almost 4 Gig of data (22,000+ transactions representing my finances since 1993) in the MMB file that MMEX uses and I have no performance issues at all on my Windows PC. Is your file significantly larger than mine ?

I do not understand why your QIF import took so long. When next you do the type of processing that you described in your post you will want to have Task Manager open and be looking at the Performance tab for CPU, Memory, and Disk utilization so that you can hopefully identify where the bottleneck is.

MMEX keeps it's data in a SQLITE database. There are all sorts of variables that can impact performance of the database during mass reads (large queries) or mass writes (voluminous insertions) and a database can be optimized either for reads or writes but not for both at the same time. If you do these mass imports on an frequent basis then you might want to look at optimizing the MMEX database to speed up writes to it.

Re: Why the desktop app is so slow

Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2020 12:12 am
by Nikolay
It's open source project.